How to start your blog in 9 easy steps!!

It's important when you start your blog; to write articles that support your business. Without a blog, you won't have anything to promote on social media, you'll have no clout with your leads and customers, and you'll have fewer pages to put those valuable calls-to-action that generates inbound leads.

A blog is a short for "web log." Blogs started as an online journal for individuals to publish thoughts and stories on their own website. Bloggers then start to share their blog posts with other internet users. Blog posts used to be much more personal to the writer than they are today.

How to Write a Blog Post:

1.   Understand your audience

Before you start to write your first post, you have to recognize your target audience's needs & interests, to come up with a topic that related to them.

2.   Identify your first blog post's topic

Before you even write anything, you need to pick a topic for your blog post. The topic can be pretty general to start with, as you do your research, you can expand the topic to discuss with your audience to make your posts more engage.

3.   Come up with a working title

Identify a few titles, which will help you to create your post, and if you create those titles to be catchy you will attract more audience to your website.

4.   Write a captivating intro

Captivating intro won't let you lose your audience, if you create your first few paragraphs in attracting, engaging and entertaining way, your potential users will stop to read your post.

5.   Organize your content in an outline

Usually, every blog post has much information, to make it easier for the reader; you have to organize that info in: sections, lists, tips, whatever's what you consider most appropriate for your post!

6.   Write your blog post!

Now you can start creating your post. After having your outline template, you're ready to fill in the blanks. Use your outline as a guide and be sure to write in all points that you outline, write all what you already know, and then do some researches to gather more information or examples.

7.   Edit your post, and fix your formatting

You're not quite done yet, but you're close! The editing process is the most important part of blogging. Use a free grammar & spelling checker.

8.   Visual Appearance

Make sure you choose visually attractive and related images for your post. As social networks treat content with images or visuals' content are now more responsible than ever.

9.   Optimize for on-page SEO

After finishing your post, you have to start to enhance to be friendly to search engines and increase your odds to appear in the top of search results.

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