Guven Business Group is a leading consulting firm in the area of digital marketing, business consultations founded in 2008. Our mission is to give our client’s brand visibility, increase their revenue, and streamline their processes.
At Guven Business Group we take pride in our successful stories from our clients from over the world, notably Middle East and Africa.

Through our remarkable success stories since 2008, we have successfully benchmarked our finger prints over a board of different industries which include; oil and gas, health care, telecommunications, food and beverages, beauty and cosmetics, tourism, real estate, recruitment agencies and multinational consultancies, etc.

Our business is still growing and expanding while our vision stays focused on our true north in each service we deliver as we are committed to continue our journey through “empowering our clients upon research, new methodologies, up to date solutions and knowledge.

empowering our clients upon research, new methodologies,
up to date solutions and knowledge


To become the most successful consulting firm in the region, while integrating our values and belief system that consists of knowledge, Integrity and effectiveness. Knowledge in Leveraging the latest technologies and business processes to create tailored solutions to the needs of each customer.
Effectiveness and Integrity are the pillars of our business culture.

The superb quality assurance, follow ups, and impeccable requirement gathering enables us to deliver projects on time and effectively. We are among the leaders in the sector of consulting. In Guven Business Group we support our customers in the realization of their objectives, contributing to their constant development.


Our core values

Since our foundation, Guven Business Group aim was to establish an entity with a clear view and strategy that will keep us ahead of the competition in the consultation arena. We take pride in our people, being able to conduct research, innovate, create solution, and execute.

Investing in qualified and ethical members is what Guven Business Group is built upon. Today, We are leaders in Business Consultancy and the Digital Marketing arena that can work in various-cross industries.


Clientele consultation

In Guven Business Group we invest in our management by building communication systems, business process, feedback and routines to reach our business goals and teams as efficiently as possible.

80% Creativity
85% Management
90% Authenticity
140 Client base
3000 Consultations
5000 Production of different items
strategy AND PLAN,
creativity THEN CREATE

At Guven Business Group Business Group It's all starts over a cup of coffee with a pen and paper. As we sit down with you to understand what makes you unique. From here, we search and formulate footsteps for your success story. We plan around creating your brand presence to be both beautiful and exceptional.

Making our clients to look great and work seamlessly is our mission in Guven Business Group, while amazing results is what we thirst for. It doesn't end here. We're your support team and cheering crew.

We'll keep things running smoothly and your customers smiling, while taking things to the next level as you continue to grow. We understand that your success is our success.



At Guven Business Group for Business Consultation, we acknowledge the clients’ needs to become high-performance businesses, by identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities or change, while investing in new analytical tactics to uncover the full potential of workforce and business needs. Whether your business is just starting up or is already up-and-running organization, maintaining the development of the business is always our aim.

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At Guven Business Group for Communications and Advertising believes that broadcasting the message must be as unique as the brand that stands behind it.  We don’t give in to “one size fits all” solutions for our clients, so we take the time to learn about what makes you different. That is how Guven for Communications and advertising does strategy.

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Guven Business Group For Media Production services can offer you with the answer to your creative production needs. We also create a one-stop method that will take any project from concept to completion using continuous production planning and scheduling systems.

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Planning that special occasion can be a challenge, whether it's an individual party or corporate event. You want your event to be memorable for all the right reasons and that's precisely where Guven Business Group for Event Management can assist!

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